• 2.8 min readPublished On: September 20, 2021

    Why Your PowerPoint Isn’t Your Outline!

    Is your handout enhancing or detracting from your presentation or course? Here's why your handout just can't be your PowerPoint [...]

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  • 2 min readPublished On: October 8, 2020

    Virtual Presentations: Three Big Red Flags Presenters Should Avoid

    Everyone's doing virtual presentations. But, how good are they? Here is what to watch for. Virtual presentations: Three biggest red [...]

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  • 1.6 min readPublished On: September 30, 2020

    How to Organize your Virtual Presentation for Greatest Impact

    How to Organize Your Virtual Presentation for Greatest Impact You had three hours to give your presentation live. Now, you’re [...]

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  • 2.8 min readPublished On: September 15, 2020

    Build This Into your Virtual Training: Get More Attention

    Build this into your training; get better audience attention. According to my informal surveys, real estate trainers say that keeping [...]

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  • 1.7 min readPublished On: September 10, 2020

    Great in the Classroom; Great on Camera?

    Your classroom style is awesome! How does it translate to virtual delivery? You're great in the classroom. So, are you [...]

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  • 1.6 min readPublished On: September 1, 2020

    Biggest Mistake to Avoid Going Online with your Class

    Going from classroom to online isn't a straight path. It takes planning and skill to make that live class work [...]

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  • 2.5 min readPublished On: August 26, 2020

    Virtual Vacuum? Get Them Excited Before you ‘Zoom’

    Keeping their attention online is a real estate trainer's biggest concern. Here's a great method--and what NOT to call it--to [...]

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  • 4.8 min readPublished On: August 20, 2020

    Tips to Go Online with your Training

    It's here now, and it's here to stay. Why not take this time to refine your online training skills? Do [...]

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  • 2.3 min readPublished On: August 11, 2020

    You’re Virtual! Get Them Involved and Be Memorable

    You don't have to talk through your online presentation! Here's a method to involve your audience AND be memorable. You're [...]

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