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Why Your New Agents Shouldn’t Make Business Plans


I once coached a manager who proudly told me that she helped all her new agents plan out 5 years. Unfortunately, though, 90% of those new agents failed in their first 6 months in the business! I started wondering why she was so fixated in helping them do long-termA�planning, when they couldn’t make it through their first days in the business?

Don’t Take Your New Agents Through the ‘Full-Blown’ Business Planning Process

Your new agents’ problem isn’t that they don’t know where they’ll be in five years. Their problem is that they don’tA�know where they’ll be–and why they’ll be there–in 5 minutes…….

Instead of spending hours in dreamland with your new agents on that vision and mission, do what needs to be done and help them craft a business start-up plan. In other words, start at the beginning of their career, and help them build a step-by-step action plan to get a saleA�fast. At the same time, show them how this plan fits into the bigger picture.A�

Failure Isn’t Predicated on Lack of the ‘Seasoned’ Business Plan

New agents come into the business, excited because they are a�?in business now for themselvesa��. They dona��t have a a�?bossa�?. They can organize their time. They look forward to lots of a�?free timea��. What a dream world! Worse yet, they dona��t know how to start the business! (Who would?) So, they fill the time with what comes easily. Most of us are afraid of rejection, and fear what will happen if we talk to human beings and ask them to buy real estate from us. So, we stay away from those activities that invite rejection. We gravitate toward a�?safea�� activities, such as:

  • get organized–all day
  • attend classes–all day
  • preview properties–all week
  • observe others–all week
  • do research and follow-up

A friend of mine observes that they seem to be “getting ready to get ready”.

The very dangerous thing about agents creating a daily plan without good business-start-up principles, is that they create habits of failure. In effect, they created their own start-up plana��one that assures low production.

Evaluate Your PlanA� for your New Agents

Why not rate your plan now to see which path you are putting your new agents on? Simply add up the number of hours you’re having them spend in the activities above. Now, add up the sales producing activities (lead generation, showings, listing presentations, sales, and listings gained). Which of the categories has the larger time block?A� What does that tell you about the job description you have created? Is it a job description that leads to sales?

Attributes of an Effective Business Start-up System

So, then, what is an effective business start-up plan? And, what else do you need? An effective business start-up plan has these attributes:

1. An organized activity schedule that has certain activities prioritized first, soA�agents can manage your time effectivelya��throughout your career

2. A schedule that has certain activities scheduled secondarilya��and whya��so they don’t teach themselves to be failed agents

3. A road-map for a continuing plan, so you can continue growing your business to the next level. (These are all attributes of Up and Running in 30 Days, the new agenta��s business start-up plan).

The plan must be integrated with training and coaching. But, thata��s not all you need. You need integrated programs with a skilled coaching professional to help agents implement. You need a cohesive system of development.

When are agents ready to ‘graduate’ to the whole ‘seasoned’ business planning process? Generally, when they have completed 8-12 transactions in a year. Until that time, they don’t have the steady work habits, and the history to review their businesses and make decisions about changes or additions in their careers.

New Business Planning Program for Managers

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