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Recruiting: The First Trait of Success You Must Find for the ‘New Normal’


Managers: What traits are you looking for for agents’ success in the ‘new normal’? I have pinpointed three that I think are extremely important. Here’s the first:

The ‘Early Adopter’

Few people change quickly. But, in this era of rapid change, we real estate professionals cana��t afford to lag behind. If youa��re hiring agents (or have agents) still waiting for 2007 to come back, youa��re going to have a long wait! If you are finding that you’re spending too much time trying to drag them into the 21st century, they may simply be a very late adopter.

Take a look at the ‘adoption’ habits of the general population:

Note: Ia��ve never seen a top producer who didna��t get right to it. But, Ia��ve seen dozens of people fail because they fought progress, questioned every piece of advice givena��and failed miserably. In this rapidly changing world, the fighters against action just cana��t win.

Action plan: Ask your agents to three things youa��re going to do for the first time this year. Now, put a�?drop deada�� dates on them. And, while you’reA� at it, do it yourself.

Fighting the Right Thing to Do Takes Lots of Everyone’s Energy

Do you have someone who fights you every step of the way? Behind that is only fear. Yet, ita��s not fear of failure. Ita��s fear of getting into action. Ita��s fear of success. Either figure how to get them into action, or you will need to help them find a career change.

A Great Interview Question

Ask, “When is the last time you did something for the first time? Tell me about it.”

Now, sit back and evaluate the answer. Keep probing. Stay on the same set of questions until you’re sure you have a relatively early adopter. You just can’t waste time talking people into things they refuse to do!

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