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Recruiting and Selecting: The Worst Interview Questions You Always Ask


Do you think the questions interviewers ask are generally good, or bad? If you’ve been interviewed lately, you’ll have strong opinions.

Most of us arena��t trained interviewers. We just do what comes naturally and hope for the best. That leads us into some really bad habits. We grab whatever questions that pop into our heada��and off we go.

In fact, some peoplea��s favorite interview questions are favorites just because the answers fascinate them. Those answers dona��t give them information to evaluate the candidate, but, it sure is fun to ask them. For example:

If you were to win the lottery, what would you do?

Boy, you could get a lot of fascinating answers on that one. But, what would those answers tell you?

Three Top Question Mistakes

Here are the three top ‘question’A� mistakes interviewers make (that question above is one of thema��..)

Mistake #1: Asking a question about the future, like the question above.

Why is it a bad question? Because, clever people can make up a dreamy future youa��ll just love to listen to. However, it doesna��t mean they will act that way. You will be sorely misled if you rely on that type of question.

Example: Why are you going into real estate? Or, how much money do you want to make in real estate? These questions seem to be about their goals, but, they just get that interviewee into dreamland again.

Mistake #2: Asking leading questions.

Example: If you were ever in a compromising situation, what would you do? As Charlie Sheen would say, a�?DUHa�?. That question clearly telegraphs the kind of answer you want. You wona��t get honesty, but youa��ll surely get some imaginative whoppers!

Mistake #3: Asking your favorite question that has nothing to do with what you want to find out (more about that in my next blog, too).

Example: Just about anyone’s favorite interview question…..

Evaluating your Questions

Choose 5 interview questions you regularly ask. Do they fall into a�?mistakea�� categories?

What is the worst interview mistake you’ve ever made? I’ve got a prize for the best ‘worst mistake’. Let me know!

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