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Recruiters: How ‘Attractive’ Are You?


Being a�?attractivea�� is a powerful magnet effective recruiters develop. What do I mean by a�?magneta��? Those attributes, qualities, talents, and skills, that agents are drawn to. The marketa��s heating up, and good recruiters are getting appointments like mad. What makes one person be able to hire great agents with ease, while other recruiters find it difficult? Effective recruiters have, purposely, developed magnets. You can, too. Here are the steps:

1. Identify your strengths.

Look beyond the normal things managers talk about. I know you have some special talents and skills from a�?the rest of your lifea��. What are they? One of the best recruiters I know has figured out to get right to agents’ heartsa��to find out their fears and their aspirations. Although this came naturally to her, she has also taken several coaching and self-actualization classes, and has worked hard to translate what she learned to her recruiting strategy.

2. Attach the benefits of those strengths to your recruita��keeping in mind the needs you are filling for that particular recruit.

By doing this process, youa��ll have the information you need to design a full presentation that takes advantage of the trends, makes it easy for you to become a master presenter, helps you reveal and explain your magnets, and gets you the recruits you want.

Who determines whata��s really a�?attractive?a�?

Agents. Managers are usually long-term real estate a�?prosa�?. They assume their company features are the best attractors to desired agents. Problem: These features are valued by managers, but they may not be equally as attractive to agents.

Example: For years, a large company in the area told prospective agents they could make more money by affiliating with that company because, a�?We have meetings daily.a�? In reality, the meetings had become poorly attended, boring, and resented by the agents. The only a�?beneficiariesa�? were the managers, since they could more easily keep tabs on the agents if they required the agentsa�� bodies show up at the desk at 9 A.M. daily! As agents became more independent, and competition from other companies increased, the meetings, which 30 years ago had been team-builders, became outmoded. They actually were a deterrent to recruiting! If these managers had taken the agentsa�� perspective, they could have avoided using a worn-out, ineffective presentation.

Be sure the features youa��re promoting are of value to agents

Big idea: YOUa��your talents, your skills, your personalitya��are the biggest magnets imaginable. Build them to exceptional strength!

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