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Is Everyone Coachable? How to Create the Foundation for Successful Coaching


Managersa�� time is their most valuable asset (along with their agents). With a majority of managers today also selling real estate, their time allotment is precious. Yet, theya��re told take the time to a�?coacha�� agents to help them succeed. Read how to determine who to coach and when to decline and/or quit coachinga��and keep your sanity and self-esteem while doing it!A�

Whose Fault Is It When They Fail?

A few years ago, I was facilitating a panel of exceptional trainers at the Realtors National Convention. During the question period, a fellow stood up and said, a�?Ia��ve tried all the training and coaching methods you mentioned. But, three of my agents just dona��t respond. What am I doing wrong?a�?A�

What do you think is the answer? It is that hea��s not doing anything wronga��except, choosing the wrong people to train and coach!A�

Like many of us, I went into management to help people succeed. So, as a new manager, I tried to train and coach all the agents who wanted (or needed) to step up to the next level. From that experience, I found that I couldna��t help those who didna��t want to be helped.A�

Why Coach Your Agents?A�

I have turned around two failing real estate offices. In the first instance, I didna��t know what I was doing and failed my way to success. The second time, I knew what I was doing, because I figured out the patterns that I had used the first timea��intuitively. But, the agents in the second office had no confidence, at first, that I could do it. So, Ia��ve had real life experiences in coaching agents to successa��in an environment where they didna��t believe in themselvesa��or me.A�

A New Vision Must Form the Foundation for your Coaching

In both instances, I created a completely different vision and team in each office. The second was more dramatic, since the agents had never had any vision or focused leadership and were enjoying an extreme a�?victima�� posture. They desperately wanted someone to paint a picture of the future that was bright and attainable. They had given up on painting such a vision. My job was to create a bright, vibrant vision, mission, and the teamwork to attain it. In one year, using the four steps I’ll explain in my next blog, I had created a six-figure profit and completely changed the atmosphere and culture in the office.

Readers: What mistakes are you making in those you choose to coach? What have your failures taught you? How do you choose your ‘coaching clients’ now? What did you put in place prior to starting your coacing/

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