Here are the seven steps to revitalize your culture coming out of Covid.

Why is this important now? Many of your agents have stayed home. Some have given up. At the same time, your top producers have been really busy selling real estate. You really have 2-3 offices within your office–top producers, those who are still hiding out, and the struggling middle. You’ve been scrambling to keep it all together!

We all agree it’s been tough for small business the past two+ years.  The challenges and threats have caused us to just maintain. In many instances, we were just treading water. It’s true of leadership and it’s true of our workers. If you know Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, you recognize that we have been operating in Security. And, in Security, no new risks are taken. No changes are made. No one dares step out of their comfort zones.  Fear freezes us. Our team shrinks, sometimes becoming ‘every man (or woman’ for himself.

Symptoms of a Security Mentality in a Business

We give up on striving ahead. We lose our ability to lead, to provide motivation and inspiration. Instead, we go ‘generic’. We flatten down our processes and systems to handle the stress of every day. We edit out the differences that made us unique. In other words, we give up hope. With low energy, we don’t reach out. We just wait it out. In the real estate industry, we see more difference between top producers the rest of the pack.

In this blog, we’ll explore the first three steps. Ask yourself, “Am I creating a solid plan to lead my company to the next decade?” Or, “Am I relying on the same strategies I used three years ago?”

The Seven Steps to Revitalize your Culture: Steps 1-3

  1. Recapture your vision.

Go back and read your vision statement. Is it reflecting your actions now? What’s different now? How did you communicate it prior to the last two years? Caveat: Be sure it is a vision you fervently believe in, not one you wrote in a class or one with pretty words and no internalization. If it’s not fervently your belief, others will sense it and won’t share your vision.

  1. Enlist your staff as part of your team effort. You aren’t going to run your company from the top down anymore. You must run it as a team. Find out what your staff is thinking. Get these things in writing from each team member before you meet. You want to see the language each uses—without your prepping them. And, without each of them wanting just to please you.

Bring staff together. How do each of them see the challenges? How do each of them see the opportunities? How can they support each other? What’s good for each and good for everyone?

Stop/look/listen: Do you need to get someone off the bus? Watch their actions. Are they sincere in offering their input? Do they feel valued, or are they just going through the motions to please you?

Grab a Planner for You to Use with your Staff

I created this planner to help each staff member work through the challenges and opportunities each person sees–from their position. Then, they offer solutions–from their position. This process will help them see their role in moving your office toward its business plan goals–and to fulfill your vision. You need focus–and here’s how to get it.

Grab your staff planner here.

In the next blog, we’ll reveal the next steps to revitalize your culture, re-set your goals, and regain your focus. You will become revitalized, too!