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How to Do that ‘Attractive Reality’ Recruiting Presentation


Here’s how to do the ‘attractive reality’ recruiting presentation. It’s true:

It’s easier to make huge promises than to ‘tell the truth attractively’.

But, you want recruits for the long haul, not just for today. You don’t want a ‘revolving door’.

Show, Don’t Just Tell

We believe what we see, not what we hear. So, here’s what to show:

  • Show the a�?agent development tracka�� that you will put the agent on
  • Your orientation process
  • Your initial training
  • Your business start-up plan
  • Your coaching.

Evidence Speaks Louder than Words

Show how others in your office followed that track and enjoyed success. Show the specific leadership strategies youa��ve created to encourage teamwork, production-focus, and empowerment.

What to drop: Dona��t pick out that one superstar, or someone you a�?feda��. The savvy candidate will go right to that person and find out thata��s not normal.

How to Present Your Story

In an era where we have only a 13% approval rating of our Congress, you can see why we recruiters must pull back on the big promises and get real. Show your training. Show your coaching. Show your results. Show your specific leadership strategies. Dona��t rely on your company to provide a huge recruiting magnet. Ita��s not enough today. Have a list of agents to provide your desired candidate so the candidate can see for themselves.

Key point: Today, YOUa�?RE the magnet! Make it really strong.

Trend: Away From Filling the Desks

I know. Youa��ve been rewarded and acknowledged for filling those desks. But, how profitable has it been? Who benefited? How hard has it been to go back out there and start that first year all over again (because all your recruits left in a year)? Whata��s the toll on your or your managera��s self-esteem? How many managers have you burned through to find one who didna��t mind doing the first year all over againa��and again?

Let down by recruits. Youa��ve been let down by those recruitsa�� promises, too. Youa��ve found that a licensee doesna��t guarantee bigger production, or profits. Now, savvy recruiters are turning away from body count and toward quality.

Last Words

If you have a production or retention challenge, look at your a�?romance quotienta��. Look at your promises. Look at your backlash. Retool your recruiting story to tell the truth attractively. Decide you wona��t just hire to numbers. Decide you dona��t want a first year company 20 times. Build your company for the long-term.

And finally: Quit being concerned that George down the street recruited 3 more people last month than you did. If you recruited one who will stay, and George recruited 3 who will leave within 6 months, who really won?A� I hope youa��re experiencing some relief now.

The take-away: Recruit for tomorrow, not just today.

What advice to YOU have for managers in going from ‘romance’ to ‘reality’ recruiting? Tell me.

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