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Do You Have a Great Course–in your Head?


bigideaI just made a new resource on how to write a course. Why? Because I found that so many courses were just ‘streams of consciousness’. They have lots of information, but they are not in a course format. So, I decided to write a guide to take people right through how to get the course written. Here’s an excerpt from that resource.

What, Why, Who, When, Where, Whata��s Next

The first thing you should do when you decide to write a course is to answer these six ‘W’ questions.

1. What course do you want to create?

Focus and define exactly the course you want to teach.A� Too many courses are too broad. They don’t have a focus. Here’s your chance to zero in on what you really want to accomplish.

Do you see this course as an overview?A�A�A�A� An introduction?A� Comprehensive?A�A�A� A series?

2. Why?A� Your compelling reason(s) to create this course

Warning: a compelling reason is not that you want people to know or understand things. That’s nice, but it doesn’t go far enough. What challenges or problems will be solved by your attendees as they finish this course?

3. Who is this course for?

Define your audience. Zero in on exactly who they are, their experience and expertise, and other defining attributes about them

Ask yourself: What is their level of learning in your topic right now?

Who would not benefit from your course?

Do you need to narrow your scope for this course?

4. Where (type of delivery)

That is, will this course be delivered ‘live’, via webinar, audio, video, or a combination?

5. When? How long do you think your course needs to be?

A�6. Whata��s next? A series? Can or should you put your course into 2 or more sections?

Remember the rule of learning: spaced repetition provides much better learning.

SSS_coverExpert Guidance to Write that Great Course!

If you’re serious about writing that great course, this is the resource for you. Step by step, Carla Cross, who has written courses for Re/Max, Better Homes and Gardens, Keller Williams Realty, GMAC, Royal LePage, and CRB, shows you exactly how to create your course and your outline. And, for those Washington state instructors, she shares tips on how to get your course approved for clock hours.

This resource is digital. You will get access immediately.

Introductory bonus: Keys to a Killer Introduction


2 instructional videos
Templates to use as guides for course creation
Examples of courses
2 ‘cheat sheets’ to write your course modules
Guidance in how to get your course approved in Washington state.

With 95 pages, this resource, along with the 2 instructional videos, shows you exactly how to create a course that has substance, sizzle, and ‘sell’!

Thank you for a wonderful class on writing a course. This practice and hands on class has given me the confidence and tools I need to move forward with my course curriculum. I feel I have been given a business race car and I can move forward towards my dream of training agents across the country. A�Mary Lee, former head of training for Windermere Real Estate, Spokane, Wa.

Introductory price:A� $149A�A� Click here for more information and to order. You’ll get immediate access to the 95-page resource guide and 2 instructional videos.



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