• 0.8 min readPublished On: May 23, 2023

    The Very Best Way to Stop Stage Fright in its Tracks

    If you haven't experienced stage fright, you probably haven't ever presented. Or, you just don't care--just kidding--not.... How can you [...]

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  • 3.9 min readPublished On: September 14, 2021

    Flight or Fight? Neither. How to Conquer Fear of Public Speaking

    Are you among the 75% of people afraid of public speaking? Here are 3 solutions that work. Are you afraid [...]

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  • 2.4 min readPublished On: January 26, 2021

    Three Hot Tips to Get Them to Attend Training

    Here are three hot tips to get them to go to training. This month, I'm featuring training.  Here are 3 surefire [...]

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  • 4.8 min readPublished On: August 20, 2020

    Tips to Go Online with your Training

    It's here now, and it's here to stay. Why not take this time to refine your online training skills? Do [...]

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  • 2.5 min readPublished On: March 10, 2020

    What’s Wrong with This Training?

    Here's a 'story problem' (case study) from my train the trainer programs. See how you do.... What's wrong with this [...]

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  • 2 min readPublished On: March 3, 2020

    Do They Fall Asleep When You Open Your Sales Meetings?

    When you look out at your audience, what do ou see? Not this, I hope! Managers: Do they fall asleep [...]

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  • 2.8 min readPublished On: February 25, 2020

    One Easy Way to Add Pizzazz to Your Next Office Meeting

    Face it! Most office meetings are not well attended. In fact, they may be thought of as boring to the [...]

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  • 2.7 min readPublished On: February 18, 2020

    Sales Meetings: How to Stop your Guest Presenters from Going Wrong

    Have you asked someone to present at your meeting, and they droned on...and on...and your attendees lost interest? Here's a [...]

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  • 3.9 min readPublished On: January 29, 2020

    Getting in Front of People: Are you Riveting and Persuasive or Boring and Pedantic?

    There's no reason to lull yuour audience into slumber! Read how to keep them on the edge of their seats! [...]

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