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5 Recommendations to Whack Yourself Up the Side of your Head to Recruit


In an earlier blog, I suggested that brokers get a a�?whack on the side of the heada�� (my dad’s words when my sister and I got a little feisty…..)A� In a fast market, everybody wanted to sell real estatea��and, most of them could sella��a bit. Then, the market turned and it seemed no one was selling real estate! As the market picks up, ita��s our opportunity to change the way we recruit and select, so we wona��t experience that lack of sales to that degree ever again.

To change our businesses for the bettera��forevera��we need to find agents who will actually develop careers. That means brokers must search for capable agents on purpose (just like agents must lead generate on purpose).

A Recruiting Plan? Whata��s That?

Very few brokers have a recruiting plan. It seems they are still waiting for the market to become that accidental marketa��just like agents. Ita��s time to break the habits of the a�?on accidenta�� recruiter and get focused. Now, just another body to fill a seat wona��t cut it.

5 recommendations to become an a�?on purposea�� recruiter:

  1. Make a recruiting plan! (Youa��ll need a a�?templatea�� to guide you through the thought process, too). (See The Complete Recruiter for a 5-step process to create a plan quickly).
  2. Use a good contact management program. How else are you going to track all those people you will be contacting? Never, never talk to a potential recruit unless you put that person in your contact management immediately.
  3. Set aside two hours each day (in the morning) to make recruiting calls. Put a sign on your door: Building your team. Available at____.
  4. Set aside at least ten hours a week to interview a�?candidatesa��. Using that word implies that it is a privilege to get to be chosen by you. By the way, always close the door and don’t take phone calls. Why? You want to respect that person as most important at that time!
  5. Get your agents excited about adding other great agents to the mix. Create an internal PR plan to get more leads from your agents. Reward leads from your agents with a drawing with prizes at least monthly and acknowledge the behavior you want. Remember,

Behavior thata��s rewarded is repeated.

There are several other a�?whacksa�� Ia��ll provide you (in memory of my dad) that will help you change your paradigms of business behavior to take advantage of a developing marketa��and protect your business forever.

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