• 1.8 min readPublished On: February 9, 2021

    When Agents’ Demands are a Good Thing

    Well, I couldn't resist...although this blog has a completely different meaning and outcome from this picture! Here's when agents' demands [...]

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  • 2.3 min readPublished On: December 22, 2020

    10 Questions for your Agents’ Business Plans

    Use these questions to counsel your agents and inspire them to create plans that will work for them. At the [...]

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  • Masterclass From Classroom to Online
    3 min readPublished On: April 7, 2020

    Going Online with your Training? Four ‘Must Haves’

    You've taught courses in your office. Now, you can't. Before you turn on the camera read my four 'must haves'. [...]

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  • 2.9 min readPublished On: September 5, 2019

    How to Choose that Next Great Manager

    It's probably the toughest thing we do--hire a manager. And, there's little information to help us. That's why I wrote [...]

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  • 4.3 min readPublished On: July 30, 2019

    Managers: Do You Say You ‘Have a Team’?

    Do you tell everyone that your agents are a 'team'. Really? Read what it means to be a 'team', and [...]

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  • 2.6 min readPublished On: January 15, 2019

    What Personal Benefit Are You Giving Your Agents?

    What personal benefit are you giving your agents? This month, I'm taking what I've learned as a musical performer from [...]

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  • 2.2 min readPublished On: June 27, 2018

    More Advice from Mr. Rogers–How to Contribute

    Here's more from Mr. Rogers--on how to use your talents and skills to contribute. In my earlier blog, I discussed [...]

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  • 2.6 min readPublished On: April 25, 2018

    Benefits and Downsides of Teams for New Agents

    Here are benefits and downsides of joining a team--from a new agent's perspective. As you read below, ask yourself, "How [...]

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  • 4.3 min readPublished On: April 17, 2018

    Should New Agents Get a Coach?

    Should new agents get a coach? This blog is excerpted from my ebook, What They Don't Teach You in Pre-License [...]

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