The one thing to do now (before you’re licensed) to hit the ground running.

Managers: Use this strategy with your good pre-license candidates and you’ll all make more money faster.

What’s the ‘one thing’? Populate a database with 200+ contacts.

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The one thing you can do before you’re licensed that will make the most difference in your income AFTER you’re licensed.

Why? When you have over 200 potential clients (with emails and phone numbers) in your database, and you market to them consistently (at least 6 times per year), you make much more money than those without that many contacts or marketing. Who wouldn’t do that?

Interestingly, about half of agents don’t even have 50 people in their databases! What happened to all those people they are meeting? Aren’t they following up with them? Aren’t they staying in contact with them over time? How do they expect to build a business they can count on, if they don’t have a robust database of potential clients?

Business–or Avocation?

Instead of treating their businesses as businesses, agents are treating their businesses as avocations. I call them ‘on accident’ agents (see my video on this).

Don’t Wait to Get Ready AFTER You’re Licensed!

When should you start gathering all those wonderful potential clients into your database? While you’re in pre-license school. Then, on your first day as a licensee, you can literally ‘hit the ground running’.

It Works. I’ve Proved It.

I know this works. I’ve worked with dozens of would-be agents who did my program, 30 Things to Do While You’re In Pre-License School to Hit the Ground Running.   Instead of getting ready to get ready, agents who completed these tasks sold more real estate faster. Isn’t that what you want?

Your Goal

Your goal: Get at least 200 people with phone numbers and emails into your database prior to your first day in the business. When you have access to your company contact management, set up a marketing plan to communicate to these people at least every 2 months ( more often is better). You will make much more money faster than those who dilly-dally around AFTER they’re licensed!

Managers: Grab my free guide, 30 Things to Do While You’re In Pre-License School to Hit the Ground Running.