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trainerI’m just finalizing my new online program, Up and Running in Real Estate. Here’s what I’ve planned as topics:

Business Planning

  • A�How to create and implement a prioritized start-up plan and follow it to a quick sale and a listing; therea��s even a model, finished plan for you to compare and analyze your own progress
  • Step-by-step implementation: Each week, youa��ll receive your business start-up plan weekly activity checklist. By completing each weeka��s activities, youa��re building a successful business by the week.

A�Lead Generation

  • A�How to prioritize the best sources of leads for you to work smarter, not harder
  • Learn 5 best sources of leads and how to contact them with best scripts and dialogues actually role played for you (and in writing)
  • How to contact enough leads each week to meet your sales goals
  • The lead generating plan provides you a new lead generating strategy weekly
  • How to set goals, measure results, and make adjustments to reach your goals

A�Capture and Keep your Leads

  • A�How to create a database to capture your leads (so you dona��t lose any opportunities)
  • How to follow up with those leads so you keep your leads
  • How to create an on-going marketing plan for your leads so you never lose the opportunity to convert a lead to a client to a a�?solda��

A�Work with Buyers

  • A�How to develop a complete buyer system to work like the pros
  • How to qualify buyers so you dona��t waste your time
  • How to give a great buyersa�� presentation to get raving fans and loyalty forever
  • How to prove your value to buyers to get a a�?generousa�� commission
  • How to help buyers make buying decisions
  • How to successfully negotiate the transaction

A�Work with Sellers

  • A�How to develop a complete seller system to work like a seasoned pro
  • How to qualify sellers to get marketable listings
  • How to give an exceptional listing presentation to get a right-priced listing
  • How to market and service the listing to a successful sale

A�Selling Skills

  • A�How to implement the 5 major sales skills that take a prospect to client to close (with written scripts and dialogues AND video role plays)
  • Selling skills: Handling the objections that come up with buyers, sellers, and various lead generating sources

A�Personal Marketing

  • A�How to create your unique position in the marketplace to help clients choose you
  • How to create added value for your clients to gain confidence in the commissions you want to collect

A�Time Management

  • A�How to create an effective time management plan and analyze your activities to save time each day


  • A�The appropriate technology you need to implement your business start-up plan easily
  • A technology planner for you to use to save time and money

A�Your Marketing Plan

  • A�A sample marketing plan for you to use to choose the appropriate marketing methods for you as a newer agent
  • Social media: a planner for you to use to integrate social media into your overall marketing plan
  • A marketing plan for creating a�?clients for lifea��

What am I forgetting? Is there a subject that you think new and re-energize-needy agents should have in this program that I haven’t addressed?

What do you want your new agents able to do–and doing–by the end of their 2nd month in the business? That’s what I’m after, too, with this program.

logoGet Your Agent a Scholarship for the new Up and Running in Real Estate Program

In a week, I’m launching a scholarship program to award 3 new (under 2 years) agents a full scholarship to my new Up and Running in Real Estate program. To find out details, check out my Facebook business page, ‘like’ it, and have your agent complete the scholarship application. I want to kick off the program with worthy agent who will benefit–and make a lot more money as a result!A� Scholarship details available May 5.

By the way, you’ll receive a full scholarship, too, as that agent’s coach, and get entry into the Coaches’ Corner.