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assignmentDo you know the training your agents want? How do you know? Have you done a survey to ask them? When I was in charge of all the education/training for Windermere Real Estate in the northwest, I regularly did surveys both with agents and leadership. That got to be quite a challenge, because the company grew from 40 to 100 offices during the 4 years I was VP of Professional Development! Yet, it was very important that I listened to these two groups. Otherwise, I would merely schedule the training I wanted to see. Or, in some cases, trainers just schedule what’s easy for them. Neither works.

Some Tips in Creating a Training Survey

Give your ‘clients’ enough guidance in the survey for the survey to be relevant. Also, the survey must be specific and precise enough that you can translate their answers to real courses. Below, I’ve provided you a link to a training survey I created. You will see that the subjects are divided into business-producing and business-supporting topics. Be sure you have that division, and a balance. I don’t have social media topics, but, feel free to add whatever you believe is relevant.

Before You Create the Survey

Before you make your survey, ask yourself,

What are my training goals? What are the company’s training goals?

You want to be sure the subjects are training subjects. You want to be sure that training course or module directly leads to the company/agent goals, not just subjects that are ‘nice to know’ or esoteric.

Grab my example of a training survey here.

Make your survey and give it to a few people to be sure it’s understandable AND you’re getting the kind of feedback you can use. Let me know what works for you.