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Michael Gerber, the small business guru, stated that,

A�The integration of your systems is your business plan.

Wow! So, if I came to your office and asked to see your systems, what would you show me?

Are you trying to run your office (and probably sell real estate, too), without systems? Most managers are. That’s costing you lots of time, money, and frustration. So, now’s a great time to get those systems in place, so you can have an integrated, workable business plan. Here’s the process:

1. Create systems to manage processes through change

2. Choose methods (including technology) to manage these systems

Let’s talk about the systems first. Good agents today have systems for each process they manage. For example, an agent has a listing process system, which includes the materials, packages, and checklists to manage the process. With those systems, agents can not only the manage the process, they can delegate the right activities to their assistants.

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Systems: The Agenta��sa��and Yours

Think about the systems, processes, and checklists you, as manager, recommend that your agent create to accomplish the critical tasks, or activities, in his business. Now, compare that with the tasks you, as manager, have to accomplish in your position as “people” manager. Work from the tasks to systems to manage these tasks. To prioritize the systems you want to develop, first:

1. List the tasks you do as manager. Now, list the parallel the tasks agents do.

An example: A critical task an agent does is lead generate. Good agents have systematized that process into a marketing plan, complete with specific tactics, dates, and budget. Managers must lead generate, too. They lead generate for agents.

Does your prospecting (recruiting) plan for agents resemble that of your best agent’s marketing plan? Is it as systematized? Does it have the materials, time frames, budgets, and delegations that good agents have in their plans?

2. Now, prioritize your tasks as they relate to accomplishing your main objectives. What are the most important tasks you do as manager to assure your office makes a profit?

An example: If recruiting is very important to reaching your objective, how complete is your recruiting system? How organized is it? Who is involved with you in your recruiting plan? How well are you delegating the systems?

Your Job Description Gives you a�?Hintsa�� about Systems you Need

Developing systems first requires that you’ve prioritized your job description. Then, you must either create or purchase systems to manage these processes. One reason managers haven’t systematized their work is that managers have few resources for systems organization. To actually systematize their work, they must create these systems from scratch. Given the myriad of activities managers must accomplish, that’s a daunting assignment. Instead, many managers stay in “crisis” management, which admittedly takes up a lot of the day, but doesn’t allow the manager to move ahead as a leader.

In contrast, agents have many resources for systems organization, both purchased and exchanged with other agents. First, there are many more agents than managers, and agents coming into the business each day. So, there is a larger market, and need, for agents’ systems. In addition, agents have led the way in organizing their businesses to delegate to assistants. It’s become ‘the thing’ to do.

Managers know they need systems.A� Learning how to systematize your business with technology supporting your goals is challenging and rewarding. Doing so will help you step into the twenty-first century with confidence and enthusiasm.

Click here for a list of systems I believe managers need to grow their offices, save time, and create a consistent culture they can count on (and hand over management to someone else when they want to!).

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