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How well are you managing your time? Are you doing the things each day that actually make you a leader? Take the analysis below and see how your time allotment reflects your perceived job description.

We’re trying to tackle the biggest challenges of today:

Lack of agent motivation (well, I just couldna��t resist the picturea��.)A�

Agents have lost hope and become depressed

Agents are increasingly seeking other employment to supplement their income, making it more difficult for managers to coach, train, and just communicate with them!

Challenges Difficult to Address through Traditional a�?Managementa��

Traditional management hasna��t been working well to address the concerns of today. Maybe we could get away with that in an a�?on firea�� market. But, this market wona��t settle for just traditional management.

Maintenance Management

Ia��ve gone a step further from traditional managementa�� to term what I see every day as a�?maintenance managementa��. Herea��s what maintenance managers do much more of every day:

Handle crises

Go to or hold meetings

Get educated

Handle paperwork

I could go on and on. If youa��re used my start-up plan for new agents, Up and Running in 30 Days, you know I call those kind of activities business support activities. Theya��re certainly important, but, they wona��t move your office into more profitability.

From Maintenance to Leadership

Which activities will move your office toward more production and profits?




Specific leadership actions and strategies

I call that type of activities business producing. Those are the activities that put a manager into leadership.

Are you in a�?Maintenancea�� or a�?Leadershipa��?

Before you answer whether youa��re a maintenance manager or a leader, do a little analysis in where you spend your time. That will give you a handle on the job description youa��ve created for yourself. It will tell you whether you have created a a�?maintenance managementa�� job description, or whether youa��ve moved into leadership.

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