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A Big Training Manual: Does it Equate to Success?


carrying papersA Big Training Manual: Does It Equate to Success?

I’ve just published the 5th edition of Up and Running in 30 Days. In it, I’ve included lots of up-to-the-minute updates. You can read some of them, in these blogs.

Click here to see the updates in my fifth edition of Up and Running in 30 Days.

Below is an excerpt from the newest edition of the book. I want to give advice to new agents about what they need to succeed. Unfortunately, both new agent AND their managers tend to rely on the company training program to ‘fix’ the new agent. But, it never works that way. Why? Because a wealth of information is just that–just lots of information. As you read this, think about your training program–and that big manual. What’s it accomplishing? What do you want it to accomplish? What else does that new agent need to succeed?

That Big Training Manual….

Youa��ve finished your training program. You have a huge training manual. Now, what do you do? You know a lot of things, and you have a lot of information in that training manual. But, without Up and Running, you still dona��t know what do on Monday. I learned how new agents get the wrong idea about selling real estate firsthand. As a manager, I sent my new agents to the five-day company training program. When my new agents came back, they would ask, a�?Now, what do I do?a�? I would get out Up and Running, which I had introduced to them in their interview, and remind them that this is a business plana��a performance plan for real life. Sometimes I wished I just had not let them go to training, because they came out of training thinking it was optional to start the Up and Running plan! Why? They thought information was all they needed to succeed. They didna��t have to actually take any actions!

I told you I would include advice {in this newest edition of Up and Running} from very successful newer agents. Herea��s a quote from Kyle Kovats, who was recently chosen as one of the finalists for the a�?30 under 30a�? honors from the National Association of Realtors.A� These select nominations are agents chosen because they are under 30 and very successful in the business.

About training, Kyle advises: a�?Find a broker who has a comprehensive training program. Ask if you can speak with agents who have gone through it to get the agentsa�� perspective on whether it was helpful.a�?

My question to you: Do you have a precise, prioritized start-up business plan for that new agent? If not, what are you relying on to get them into the field and into action–fast? If asked, what would your newer agents say about your training?

Up and Running_5e largerManagers and trainers: Take a look at the business start-up plan thousands of new agents use successful to launch businesses fast.

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