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Christian Louboutin Top Vague Kidsuede Crystal Pumps 100mm SS15


Christian Louboutin Top Vague Kidsuede Crystal Pumps 100mm SS15

Christian Louboutin Top Vague Kidsuede Crystal Pumps 100mm SS15 1150566SV57

Except the classic design sleek silhouette, shallow round toe, and strong platform, this red sole also has open toe. Some Louboutin lady peeps are in exquisite black patent leather, some are covered in chic hand-placed crystal or in exotic beige “Python Tropicana”, all are available in Louboutin stores UK.

If you wanna be a chic lady, let the “Lady Daf” become one of your Louboutin collection right now. Though this version appears from outside is unwalkable, balanced by the high platform, you will find the sky high “Lady Daf” is really walkable.

“Top Vague” is the masterpiece of the Spring/Summer collection. Featuring the sophisticated “Lace Leather” detailing with embedded crystals and a scalloped vamp, this look is a tour de force that will gather admirers far and wide.Reference : 1150566SV57
Material : Kid
Heel height : 100mm
Collection : SS15

Categories : Trends

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