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Christian Louboutin Spooky Tissu Moire Black Loafer Men Classic


Christian Louboutin Spooky Tissu Moire Black Loafer Men Classic

Christian Louboutin Spooky Tissu Moire Black Loafer Men Classic 1140398CM53

Modern man who upholds gorgeous low-key would like to get one alluring Christian Louboutin loafer as his accompaniment. Unique design and elegant look, such as spike vamp, and exquisite black python version will have you turning heads all season long.

Chic black calf leather and spikes, sleek black patent leather version, and a classic one with spiked tassels, you can choose any stylish you like in Christian Louboutin stores. Of course, because of comfortable sole and low heel, Louboutin men loafers will become a welcome addition to your shoe wardrobe.

Perhaps the darker cousin of our “Rollerboy” and “Havanana”, “Spooky” hides behind his monochromatic spiked cap-toe. Spice up your formal wear or dress up your casual looks with this not-so-classic loafer.Reference : 1140398CM53
Color : BLACK
Material : Silk
Collection : Classic

Categories : Trends

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