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Christian Louboutin So Kate Blush N°3 Blush N°3 Pumps 120mm Classic


Christian Louboutin So Kate Blush N°3 Blush N°3 Pumps 120mm Classic

Christian Louboutin So Kate Blush N°3 Blush N°3 Pumps 120mm Classic 31306933118

Christian Louboutin once said that a “shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk,” and “Lady peep” is just the version that can not only make you walk in comfortable feeling but give you fashion look.

Every woman need a pair of pumps. “Pigalle” of Christian Louboutin women are perfect for your on and off-duty look. Sleek silhouette, transparent detailing these unique design make you lost heart to them the moment you see them.

The superfine stiletto heel makes So Kate the most delicate of all Louboutin pointed-toe pumps, and its dramatic, nearly vertical pitch provides you with a supremely sexy silhouette. In our Nudes collection, you can find the perfect natural shade for your colouring that will give you legs for days.Reference : 31306933118
Color : BLUSH N°3
Material : Kid
Heel height : 120mm
Collection : Classic

Categories : Trends

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