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Christian Louboutin Relax Tressagenappa Multi Black Espadrilles Men Classic


Christian Louboutin Relax Tressagenappa Multi Black Espadrilles Men Classic

Christian Louboutin Relax Tressagenappa Multi Black Espadrilles Men Classic 1150159M026

It will be a truly summer with a pair of ChristianLouboutin espadrilles. Adding a touch of laidback feeling to your more casual looks, you deserve one of Louboutin espadrilles. And there are diversified vamps and colors for your selection.

Supple veau velours vamp or calf leather vamp, Louboutin men espadrilles will be your favorite which save you from uncomfortable feeling or pain, and funny embellishment like a distinguished moustache, a gorgeous pineapple or Louboutin crest will bring you humor and chic feel.

“Relax Flat” is your go-to weekend style for Spring/Summer. Providing ultimate laidback appeal to your off-duty looks, this espadrille in luxurious multicoloured woven calf leather will become your favourite slip-on of the season. Keeping with tradition, all Louboutin espadrilles are made in Spain.Reference : 1150159M026
Material : Kid
Collection : Classic

Categories : Trends

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