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Christian Louboutin Mexicatch Kidsuede Blue Sandals Women 45mm SS15


Christian Louboutin Mexicatch Kidsuede Blue Sandals Women 45mm SS15

Christian Louboutin Mexicatch Kidsuede Blue Sandals Women 45mm SS15 1150790CN65

Sandals of red sole are available in Louboutin shop. You can choose unique shape with a refined cross-strap detail, or T-strap silhouette version with a sexy fringe detail and navy glitter luminor, both of these red soles can add fashion and elegant to you.

Lovers of the T-strap cannot miss sandals in oeillet with three sexy strap, and there are two colors for your selection, dazzling red and elegant blue. You can buy your dreamy sandals in Louboutin stores.

Get the so-now tribal look with “Mexicatch.” This 45mm slip-on mule style is dressed in an eye-catching pattern of multicoloured leather and suede, adding a vibrant twist to your ensembles.Reference : 1150790CN65
Color : BLUE
Material : Kid
Heel height : 45mm
Collection : SS15

Categories : Trends

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