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Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Spikes White Sneakers Men Classic


Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Spikes White Sneakers Men Classic

Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Spikes White Sneakers Men Classic 11010833047

Many styles of Christian Louboutin sneakers for men are covered with spikes. Multi-level spikes, velours spikes, and gunmetal spikes, etc. The rivets, whether on the toe or the whole vamp make you one of a kind. Unique and exceeding comfortable, Louboutin sneakers will get you through all the seasons to come.

Featuring extremely supple rubber soles, Louboutins men sneakers are the first choice for many people who wear often for running or other sports. Spikes embellished and multicolor vamp men Louboutin shoes are eye-catching, you will undoubtedly lost your heart to them.

“Louis Spikes” has gained the reputation as the men’s sneaker that could kill. This classic white leather with white spikes version is the perfect place to start your red soled collection.Reference : 11010833047
Color : WHITE
Material : Leather
Collection : Classic

Categories : Trends

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