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Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Calfspikes Ocean Sneakers Men Classic


Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Calfspikes Ocean Sneakers Men Classic

Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Calfspikes Ocean Sneakers Men Classic 1101083U090

Louboutin sneakers have various vamps for your choice. You can choose simple white leather version for your day to day look, or leopard python version for masculine look. And you choose either  high tops sneakers or low tops one as you like.

Christian Louboutin sneakers are casual shoes with extremely soft rubber soles. Classic version and some specially design like sneaker sandal, ultra luxurious denim python with silver spikes are available in Christian Louboutin shop.

A winning look in this season’s sultry Ocean, Louis Flat Spikes is the definitive red-soled sneaker. A true Louboutin original, this style is one of our most sought-after for men.Reference : 1101083U090
Color : OCEAN
Material : Calf
Collection : Classic

Categories : Trends

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