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Christian Louboutin Lou Spikes Calf Aquamar Sneakers Women Classic


Christian Louboutin Lou Spikes Calf Aquamar Sneakers Women Classic

Christian Louboutin Lou Spikes Calf Aquamar Sneakers Women Classic 1140465U015

Who says women should always slip pumps on? Christian Louboutin sneakers for women are also must-have items for your red sole collection. Matching them with T-shirt and jeans, even years wrinkle your skin, but Louboutin women will bring you young look.

A classic version will add to you chic feeling, while luxurious sneakers adorned with gleaming aqua crystals or colorful spikes will provide a special touch of effortless luxury for your ensemble. In Louboutin London, you always can find one suited sneaker you like.

Introducing “Lou Spikes”, the newest addition to our coveted sneaker collection. In an aquamarine ensemble, this Online Boutique-exclusive sneaker features signature Loubie spikes solely on the toe. Lace into these lovely hightops and become the envy of every lady in the room.Reference : 1140465U015
Material : Calf
Collection : Classic

Categories : Trends

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