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Christian Louboutin Gades Calf Black Boots Men 60mm Spring Summer 2014


Christian Louboutin Gades Calf Black Boots Men 60mm  Spring Summer 2014

Christian Louboutin Gades Calf Black Boots Men 60mm Spring Summer 2014 1140707BK5T

Every modern man who knows fashion needs Christian Louboutin boots. The sophisticated shape of Louboutin boots adds handsome feeling to you, and the timeless classic easy-to-wear style works with almost all kinds of boots. Of course there are still some ultra masculine boots provided for you.

Various kinds of material, such as soft camel suede, havane calf leather and striking black leather and so on are available, so you can choose one stylish boot you like in Louboutin boutique to accompany. Louboutin boots whether for Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer are featured with elastic detail for flexibility comfort.

Newcomer “Gades” is for the urban gentleman seeking a sleek Spring/Summer booty. In our striking black leather, “Gades” will gladly accompany you on any adventure ahead.Reference : 1140707BK5T
Color : BLACK
Material : Calf
Heel height : 60mm
Collection : Spring/Summer 2014

Categories : Trends

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