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Christian Louboutin Follies Patent Black Pumps 100mm SS15


Christian Louboutin Follies Patent Black Pumps 100mm SS15

Christian Louboutin Follies Patent Black Pumps 100mm SS15 1150528CM53

Louboutin daffodile as one of the classic version of the red sole has been the most popular Louboutin for years. “Daffofile”, like Louboutin bianca, are in towering heel and has a strong platform, but the platform is higher than that of “Bianca”

Christian Louboutin once said that a “shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk,” and “Lady peep” is just the version that can not only make you walk in comfortable feeling but give you fashion look.

For the party girl in you, behold “Follies Spikes.” Cloaked in Monsieur Louboutin’s iconic spikes, this feminine 100mm pump in black patent leather is all you need to become an empress of the evening.Reference : 1150528CM53
Color : BLACK
Material : Patent
Heel height : 100mm
Collection : SS15

Categories : Trends

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