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Christian Louboutin Bruno Zip Calf Black Derby Men Classic


Christian Louboutin Bruno Zip Calf Black Derby Men Classic

Christian Louboutin Bruno Zip Calf Black Derby Men Classic 1140457BK01

Christian Louboutin mens shoes derby style is perfect for modern gentleman who is looking for new style to his red sole collection. Featuring a sleek and classic look, Louboutin mens derby adds red sole sophistication to your on and off-duty.

The timeless handcrafted and classic black Louboutin derby is a must-have staple in your Louboutin collection. Sublime oxford style or cap-toe oxford style is perfect to set up your looks. Exquisite craftwork and sophisticated look, you will rely on it for many seasons to come.

Bruno Zip Flat is perfect for the gentleman who is looking for a fresh new style to add to his red sole collection. This shoe’s zipper lined seams are an eye-catching detail that gives his classic form a high fashion twist. This gorgeous black version pairs handsomely with both formal and casual looks.Reference : 1140457BK01
Color : BLACK
Material : Calf
Collection : Classic

Categories : Trends

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