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Christian Louboutin Benedetta Patent Black Sandals Women 120mm FW15


Christian Louboutin Benedetta Patent Black Sandals Women 120mm FW15

Christian Louboutin Benedetta Patent Black Sandals Women 120mm FW15 3150418BK01

Each sandal of Louboutin women shoe is designed according to comfortably fit everyone’s feet. Therefore there is no need for you to worry about suffering to the beautiful. A simple sophistication sandal of Louboutin red in ivory mini glitter is one popular choice for female evening style.

Like sign of Chanel, LV, Hermes, Louboutin shoes have its own particular sign, shoes of Louboutin style are in red sole. This unique design of Louboutin makes women crazy for them. With a pair of Louboutin sandal, this summer you certainly will be outstanding and attractive.

Every season calls for an evening wardrobe update. “Benedetta’s” strappy T-bar silhouette is an irresistible choice. Dance through party season in this glorious nude patent leather version.Reference : 3150418BK01
Color : BLACK
Material : Patent
Heel height : 120mm
Collection : FW15

Categories : Trends

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