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Christian Louboutin Altareva Glitter Luminor Gold Platforms 160mm FW15


Christian Louboutin Altareva Glitter Luminor Gold Platforms 160mm FW15

Christian Louboutin Altareva Glitter Luminor Gold Platforms 160mm FW15 3150167G013

It seems platforms of women Louboutin are not easy-to-wear and uncomfortable for the high heel, however, the high heel is balanced by the platform for stability and ease so this Christian Louboutin red sole is walkable. Get one platform of Christian Louboutin and stride in confidence.

Louboutin bianca are perfect for women who love slipping pumps on with towering heel. Sophisticated sleek silhouette, shallow round toe will enliven your on duty and evening look. You can choose either versions in black kid leather or in nude patent leather.

This season’s sky-high sensation comes in the form of open toe “Altareva.” Its broad heel and ultra-thick platform allow you to dance through your day at 160mm. In glistening gold glitter luminor, this pair gives your looks an elegant boost.Reference : 3150167G013
Color : GOLD
Material : Glitter
Heel height : 160mm
Collection : FW15

Categories : Trends

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