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trainer sayingI’ve just published the 5th edition of Up and Running in 30 Days. In it, I’ve included lots of up-to-the-minute updates. You can read some of them, in these blogs.

Click here to see the updates in my fifth edition of Up and Running in 30 Days.

Below is an excerpt from the newest edition of the book.

The Value of Practice

Ita��s painful to learn from your mistakes with real clients. However, therea��s an additional way to learn skillsa��practice. All too often, the value of practice is underestimated by both agents and managers. But ita��s worth the effort to role-play each segment that requires sales communication with people:

  • Lead-generating scenarios
  • Following up with Internet inquiries
  • Counseling/qualifying buyer scenarios
  • Showing and closing buyer scenarios
  • Presenting and negotiating offer scenarios
  • Qualifying seller scenarios
  • Marketing/presentation scenarios
  • Price reduction/review scenarios

Managers and coaches: How many of these situations do you coach to via practice?

Agents believe that because they can talk they can sell. But we have already discussed the realities of conversation versus the special communication skills required for sales success. I guarantee that if you take seriously the practice asked of you in Up and Running, your performance with people will improve quickly and your confidence will soar. Every successful salesperson I have known who started quickly in this business organized, systematized, practiced, and perfected each step in the sales cycle.

Caution: A reason new agents start slowly or fail early is that they underestimated their need to develop a mastery of sales skills in their first months in the business. So, they fail to convert those leads!

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

The best kind of practice increases your skill and results. Back to my piano-practicing days: as a four-year-old, I picked out tunes on the keys and added the chords. I could play pop music reasonably well. Then, at age six, I started piano lessons. As I progressed to more demanding piano teachers, I learned that a�?faking it a��til you made ita�? just would not meet their standards. In fact, my best piano teacher, Mr. Green, taught me to practice very slowly, so there werena��t any mistakes. I found that if I practiced quickly, I practiced my mistakes right along with the rest of the piece.

Although his kind of practice was tedious, it was right. By using Mr. Greena��s method I became a much better pianist, gaining a degree in piano performance. Too often, real estate agents practice the mistakes and end up with a sales system that is a�?more mistake than effective.a�?

* Big Idea: Perfect practice makes perfect. Go for mastery, not just mediocrity. One of a coacha��s opportunities is to help you get into action, take risks, and work toward a�?practicing perfectly.a�?

Up and Running_5e largerWhat is the ‘Music’ You Use to Coach?

You need a guide–a solid business start-up plan, with the what, how, how much, and why built in. Take a look at the new 5th edition of Up and Running in 30 Days.

blue ribbonsAs managers, we are to develop the skills of each of our salespeople. That means we can take from the lessons of other great performers. As I write this the winter Olympics are capturing people’s attention and hearts. I just read an article about Jamie Anderson, a young woman who just won the slopestyle event in snowboarding. She had won more competitions than any woman in history, but the gold was looming in front of her. She said she was ‘freaking out’. So, she relied on the positive affirmations she had with her: Some strings of mantra beads, and the Nas song “I Can”.A� She listened as Nas sang “I know I can” Be What I want to Be”.

The Power of Visualization

Besides these tools for affirmations, Anderson closed her eyes and imagined her run, felt the landings, and saw her family cheering at the end of the run. Then, she launched her performance. It went as she imagined–and the result was a gold metal.

Three Lessons from Exceptional Performers

Now, to your performance. Let’s take recruiting presentations as an example. What do you think about before you go into a recruiting presentation? How unprepared you are, or how frightening it will be when the agent throws an objection at you, or how it can go wrong? I know, as a long-time serious musician, if you think those negative things, that’s what happens. So, instead, replace the negative thoughts with very positive ones.

Visualize the performance the way you want it to go–the sights, the sounds, the smells, the feelings. Visualize what happens at the end (the agent joins you and compliments you on the exceptional presentation!).

Do you take your positive affirmations with you?

Why not take some affirmations with you to keep the positive in mind–just like Anderson and her mantra beads and song.

It’s All Mumblymook without Practice

All these visualizations and positive affirmations mean little without that great practice. I know, as a musician, I can visualize playing a great piano piece. But, if I didn’t practice, it’s not going to happen…..

Put These Three Things in your Performance Repertoire

1. Positive affirmations in the form of quotes, books, songs, etc.

2. Visualize success–along with visualizing the best ‘end’ you can imagine! Make it fun, vivid, and lively.

3. Practice!!!!!!!! Preparation is the best stage fright reducer, confidence maker, and self-esteem enhancer.

Now, you’re creating what the champions in any performance field (sports, music, etc.) have learned to do.

Managers: Are you imbuing these qualities in your agents as you develop their expertise? I think that’s our job!

logoThe Training/Coaching Program that Puts Performance Excellence in Context for You

I know, as a musical performer, that you need the best guidance to get the best performance. In real estate, when you perform at optimum, you make more money and save more time! I’ve put together a completely different kind of training/coaching program for your agents under 2 years in the business, based on my knowledge and practice of the principles of creating exceptional performance–fast. Why not take a look, get into action, create great performance–and help them reach their goals this year? Check out Up and Running in Real Estate here.

Managers: Take a look at my coaching tips, too, in Coaches’ Corner. I help you coach to high performance and excellence.