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Christian Louboutin Youssi Calfspikes Black White Sandals Women SS15


Christian Louboutin Youssi Calfspikes Black White Sandals Women SS15

Christian Louboutin Youssi Calfspikes Black White Sandals Women SS15 1151231BK09

Sandals of red sole are available in Louboutin shop. You can choose unique shape with a refined cross-strap detail, or T-strap silhouette version with a sexy fringe detail and navy glitter luminor, both of these red soles can add fashion and elegant to you.

Like sign of Chanel, LV, Hermes, Louboutin shoes have its own particular sign, shoes of Louboutin style are in red sole. This unique design of Louboutin makes women crazy for them. With a pair of Louboutin sandal, this summer you certainly will be outstanding and attractive.

Update your beachwear looks this season with “Youssi Flat.” This luxurious slip-on features a double sole for an extra boost of height and comfort. In chic black and white, “Youssi Flat” is a best-loved summer style.Reference : 1151231BK09
Material : Calf
Collection : SS15

Categories : Trends

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