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Christian Louboutin Tac Clac Patentsuede Black Pumps 100mm FW15


Christian Louboutin Tac Clac Patentsuede Black Pumps 100mm FW15

Christian Louboutin Tac Clac Patentsuede Black Pumps 100mm FW15 3150403BK01

Slightly shorter toe box and superfine stiletto will beautify the line of leg, and add an eye-catching allure to you. Except the classic Louboutin pigallle with black or nude leather patent version, the version cloaked in majestic horizon aquarium glitter certainly will catch your eyes. Go and get one “Pigalle” in Louboutin outlet and walk in confident stride.

A right kind of shoe is important for the corresponding occasion. You can choose peep toe platform of women Louboutin in off white crepe satin featuring a slender 120mm stiletto heel as an bridal shoe, and classic black patent Louboutin version for on duty look.

“Tac Clac” reinvents your looks with its angular half-d’Orsay shape. Bringing together a strong mix of black leather, patent and suede, this is a sexy go-to for all seasons.Reference : 3150403BK01
Color : BLACK
Material : Patent
Heel height : 100mm
Collection : FW15

Categories : Trends

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