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Christian Louboutin On Stage Calf Black Silver Flats Women SS15


Christian Louboutin On Stage Calf Black Silver Flats Women SS15

Christian Louboutin On Stage Calf Black Silver Flats Women SS15 1150857BK65

Not all women love sky-high pumps. Flats of Louboutin style catch women`s attention because of their elegant and feminine splendor look. You need one flat of Louboutin women to add an alluring touch and update your spring/summer wardrobe.

The timeless classic brown “patent leopaedino” will keep you in comfortable red Louboutin. With transparent detailing, the Louboutin women will take you look to new heights. You also cannot miss the one in unique design which features sharp pointed toe lace-up in black jazz calf.

Get the heavy metal look this Spring/Summer with “On Stage Flat.” Featuring the season’s sensational metallic sole, this lady’s lace-up oxford in black calf leather brings a hint of hard core to your wardrobe.Reference : 1150857BK65
Material : Calf
Collection : SS15

Categories : Trends

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