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Christian Louboutin Fifi Kid Blush N°4 Blush N°4 Pumps 100mm Classic


Christian Louboutin Fifi Kid Blush N°4 Blush N°4 Pumps 100mm Classic

Christian Louboutin Fifi Kid Blush N°4 Blush N°4 Pumps 100mm Classic 11008193119

Slightly shorter toe box and superfine stiletto will beautify the line of leg, and add an eye-catching allure to you. Except the classic Louboutin pigallle with black or nude leather patent version, the version cloaked in majestic horizon aquarium glitter certainly will catch your eyes. Go and get one “Pigalle” in Louboutin outlet and walk in confident stride.

Christian Louboutin once said that a “shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk,” and “Lady peep” is just the version that can not only make you walk in comfortable feeling but give you fashion look.

Feminine and timeless, “Fifi” is a single sole must-have for the Louboutin lady. The classic round toe and slender heel provide a sophisticated silhouette that is perfect for a day in the office, or an evening out on the town. In our Nudes collection, you can find the perfect natural shade for your complexion that will give you legs for days.Reference : 11008193119
Color : BLUSH N°4
Material : Kid
Heel height : 100mm
Collection : Classic

Categories : Trends

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