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Christian Louboutin Colibretta Suede Oeillet Platforms 120mm FW15


Christian Louboutin Colibretta Suede Oeillet Platforms 120mm FW15

Christian Louboutin Colibretta Suede Oeillet Platforms 120mm FW15 3150349R079

For those who admire the beautiful look of this red Louboutin but worries the height of it, the 120mm must be the best choice. Christian Louboutin designer also adds a unique design that a strong platform to the toe plate, so you will feel only a little bit high when slip them on.

Women who like a little bit exposure and sexy look would like peep toe platform of Louboutin shoes, especially versions like open toe with a sexy 3-strap detailing, or sling back, and one with a refined cross-strap detail.

Lovers of the T-bar take it a step further in “Colibretta.” With a sexy 3-strap detailing, this 120mm open toe platform sandal in oeillet suede brings elevation and allure to your ensembles.Reference : 3150349R079
Material : Suede
Heel height : 120mm
Collection : FW15

Categories : Trends

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