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Christian Louboutin Blazonzon Kidsuede Blue Platforms 120mm SS15


Christian Louboutin Blazonzon Kidsuede Blue Platforms 120mm SS15

Christian Louboutin Blazonzon Kidsuede Blue Platforms 120mm SS15 1150791CN65

Louboutin bianca are perfect for women who love slipping pumps on with towering heel. Sophisticated sleek silhouette, shallow round toe will enliven your on duty and evening look. You can choose either versions in black kid leather or in nude patent leather.

It seems platforms of women Louboutin are not easy-to-wear and uncomfortable for the high heel, however, the high heel is balanced by the platform for stability and ease so this Christian Louboutin red sole is walkable. Get one platform of Christian Louboutin and stride in confidence.

Any Aztec princess worth her salt would fall head over heels for “Blazonzon.” This 120mm peep toe style is cloaked in a vibrant pattern of colourful suede that brings a native edge to your contemporary looks.Reference : 1150791CN65
Color : BLUE
Material : Kid
Heel height : 120mm
Collection : SS15

Categories : Trends

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